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Henson Handmade Brooms

All our brooms are made by hand. We use no automated equipment. Either old traditional broom making equipment or in our lap entirely by hand. Our handles are milled hardwood that we get from our supplier or handles we cut in fence rows, ditches and gullies in the winter time. All our brooms are made with 100% broom corn. We use natural broom corn that has been dyed Black or Brown.

Our brooms are in all 50 United States and 11 foreign countries so we can ship whatever you order. Shipping and handling costs are added to the cost of the broom you order.

Kitchen Broom

Kitchen Broom -  $18

Our family trademark since 1930. A good lightweight everyday broom on a milled 15/16" diameter hard wood handle. Sewn five times for extra strength. Available in the regular cut or leave it bushy for your slick floors.

Shop Broom

Shop Broom - $20

This is a heavy duty broom made for the shop, carport, or barn on a milled 1 1/8" hardwood handle.    Sewn five times for strength, but has more broom corn that the Kitchen Broom. This is a heavy duty work broom.

Camper Broom

Camper Broom - $16

This a A most unique work broom. The handle is 3/4" in diameter Just right for a camper or RV or a small person. The head is less than half the size of the Kitchen Broom and is sewn three times. Lightweight and easy to use. Great for small areas.

Whisk Broom

Whisk Broom - $12

This is a handy broom for your truck, car, van or hard to reach places. The head is approx. 8" in length the handle is 2".

Shaker Broom

Shaker Broom - $22

Historic and plain, just like the Shakers intended. This broom is the first of the flat brooms. Good for work or can be displayed as well. The handle has no lacquer and is a 15/16" hardwood handle. The broom head is sewn threes times with bees-wax coated jute twine with the hidden ends.

Pretty Parlor Broom

Pretty Parlor Broom - $50

A must see broom. A beauty to display anywhere in your house. This is a Martha Stewart broom. A blue ribbon winner as well, unique only to Henson Broom Shop. The handle is 15/16" and is Walnut stained for beauty. The broom is usually dyed Black broomcorn, but sometimes Brown. The broom head is bound with leather and stitched with leather.

Kentucky Cabin Brooms with Leather - prices start  @ $60

Spiral Rustic Cut Handle:  $75 (Please note: these handles are not available all year long at times.)

Non-Spiral Rustic Cut Handle: $60

This is our "Dr. Quinn , Medicine Woman" brooms, but we call it the Jane Seymour broom because Ms. Seymour has one personally. The broom head is woven with leather and is sewn with leather. The handle is a thing of natures creations. Spiraled and twisted by nature, worked up by us, sanded and lacquered for beauty. This is the only broom we number, autograph and date when we make it. We only make one at a time, but you can order personally. The handle wood comes from nature in a variety of different wood types (when available). Sassafras, Dogwood, Maple, Box-Elder, Oak, Cherry, etc. You can request. Truly a hand made broom. No equipment used. Can be round as well as flat.

Jute Cabin Brooms - $50

Straight handles cut from nature like the leather cabin broom. No twist or spiral, but still very pretty and rustic. Variety of woods (when available).. Sassafras, Dogwood, Maple, Box-Elder, Oak, Cherry, etc. Bound with brown or black jute twine, sewn with brown or black. No equipment used. The head is plaited woven to the handle. Also made these for "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman". Great for the rustic look. Can be round as well as well as flat.


Country Hearth Broom

Country Hearth Brooms $35 - $40

Smaller, fireplace version of a cabin broom. Made the same, but the handles are spiral twisted. Same types of wood as cabin brooms. Bound/plaited and sewn with natural, black or brown jute twine.

Fancy Hearth Brooms - $35

This broom is a smaller version of the Pretty Parlor broom. Broom corn head is natural, black, brown, or tri colored. Handle is 15/16" with walnut stain. But this broom also comes on straught natural wood handles we cut from nature. Dogwood and Sassafras are the most common for this broom. The head is natural broom corn. This broom is bound and sewn with leather also. Very pretty and fancy.

Fancy Cobweb Brooms - $35

Very similar to the fancy hearth broom, but the head is long and slender. Great for the cobwebs but also very pretty to display. This is a "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" broom. Made like the old time cobweb brooms, but much fancier. Comes in natural, black, brown or tri-colored. Bound with leather. Handle is walnut stained 15/16" milled or natural cut handle.

Colonial Hearth Brooms

Colonial Hearth Brooms - $35

A round natural colored broom corn fireplace broom. The handle is a milled hardwood 1 1/8" and is Cherry stained. Long and round, great for the fireplace.

Amish and More

Amish & More

Sorghum, Baskets, and Hats, etc. from our Amish friends. Plus Honey and much more from us. Contact for prices.



If you want a truly unique, nostalgic place to visit come see us and you can see us make brooms the way our family has since 1930.
"We will sweep you off your feet."


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